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Redstor Smart Data Management

and Protection

Third party cloud backup to help protect your data

Designed for organisations of all sizes, with enterprise functionality, Redstor’s disruptive, smart, cloud-native suite of services deliver the new standard in data management and protection. Redstor protects data residing in the broadest range of environments, spanning infrastructure and an ever-widening array of Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms, through a single multi-tenanted app.

Under-pinned by Redstor’s unique InstantDataTM technology, users are safe in the knowledge that data can be delivered immediately with streamed on demand access to data direct from Redstor’s cloud.

Your Office Anywhere customers can use Redstor as an extra layer of protection, a second backup for data held on our hosted remote desktops, in addition to the backups already provided as part of our service.

Why Redstor

Redstor delivers the new industry standard of data management and protection, with smart AI-driven insights, a cloud-first approach and the ability to protect SaaS and infrastructure data from a simple, unified management interface.

You’ll also benefit from:

  • The broadest coverage of protectable data from a single application
  • Centralised data management from a single, intuitive, cloud-native app
  • Rapid protection for data from day 1 with no need to wait for hardware or complicated set-up
  • Automatic protection against risks with AI-driven malware detection
  • Rapid, on-demand streamed recoveries and enhanced data mobility
  • Simple, predictable pricing that scales up or down as your data changes

Protect data held on Your Office Anywhere’s remote desktop service

It’s important to stress that Your Office Anywhere do already backup data held on our platform to our second data centre.  However, our customers have a shared responsibility for their data, they are the data controllers under GDPR legislation.  Customers may require data to be backed up to a third-party solution that can be accessed and managed by the customer without involvement from Your Office Anywhere’s technical team.   Customer’s compliance obligations may require data to be held in at least 3 places, the original storage plus 2 separate backups, one of which should be off site.


Protect from SaaS direct to cloud

With more users than ever choosing to work remotely, organisations are more reliant than ever on cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, and collaboration tools and the data created in them is increasingly valuable to business operations.

Despite common misconceptions data within these platforms is not automatically backed up with vendors instead prioritising platform availability and leaving the responsibility of data protection with its users.

Redstor protects data residing in SaaS applications including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Xero, SalesForce and Kubernetes (AKS). Backing up directly to a cloud destination of your choosing, Redstor removes the need for local hardware and enables you to benefit from added flexibility and increased protection, while maintaining data sovereignty.


Ransomware protection and AI-malware detection

With ransomware and malware presenting an ongoing threat to data, organisations need to ensure they are actively working to prevent it becoming infected. Redstor’s AI-driven malware detection, enables the detection and removal of malicious files from within a backup, ensuring a clean recovery can take place.

  • Automated searches for key indicators exhibited by malware
  • Preserve the integrity of data, which is encrypted at source, in transit and at rest
  • Avoids the needs for a user to configure or install anything or carry out upgrades


Stream your data on demand with InstantDataTM

Did you know that over a 50Mbps internet connection restoring 1.5TB of data would take about 3 days?   That’s a long time to be without your critical data. But how much of that 1.5TB do you need straight away?   Probably not that much. With InstantDataTM you can give your users the ability to connect to their backed-up data and stream the important files instantly.

Take a look at this video from Redstor


What can I backup to Redstor?

  • Backup data, servers, and systems e.g. Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, held on local (on-premise) infrastructure
  • Backup data held on Your Office Anywhere remote desktop platform – excludes server operating systems and other systems as these can only be restored within our network.
  • Backup data held on Microsoft 365 cloud services including:
    • Microsoft Outlook including Calendar and Contacts
    • Microsoft OneDrive
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Microsoft Teams
  • Backup data held in Google Workspace including:
    • Google Mail
    • Google Drive
    • Google Classroom
  • Backup data held on other selected Software As A Service platforms including:
    • Salesforce
    • Zero
    • Kubernetes (Azure Kubernetes Service)

Cloud Backup – Simple Pricing

With some cloud backup solutions it’s almost impossible to know how much space the backup is going to take and so how much it’s going to cost. Files get compressed to save space, but they’re retained for so long, and then some files change so you have multiple versions, it’s a headache trying to calculate what you actually need.

Not so with our pricing model, you simply pay for the amount you want to protect. If you have 100GB of files on your server that you want to protect, you simply pay for 100GB, that’s it.

Prices start from as little as £0.24 per GB per month

Volume of data being protected


0 – 9.99GB

Minimum price £7.90 for up to 10GB

10GB – 19.99GB

£0.79 per GB

20GB – 49.99GB

£0.59 per GB

50GB – 99.99GB

£0.49 per GB

100GB – 499GB

£0.39 per GB

500GB – 1,999.99GB

£0.29 per GB

2,000GB – 2,999.99GB

£0.24 per GB

3,000GB +


Installation and configuration of backups for data held on the Your Office Anywhere platform has a standard one-off setup fee of £120 (2 hours) which includes handover training on the management console.

The standard retention period is four months – contact us for pricing for extended retention periods

Installation and configuration of backups on local infrastructure and SaaS systems is not included. However, there is a wealth of instructions and guidance available from Redstor and we will ensure customers have access to all the information and support they need from Redstor.

Where we are able we can provide advice and support for setting up Redstor for local infrastructure or for Microsoft 365 on a best-endeavours chargeable basis at a rate of £15 per 15 minutes.


Further Information

Please take a look at this online brochure from Redstor which contains a number of articles and videos explaining all about the product and how to use it


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