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Online Backup

with Redstor

What’s the most important part of backing up your data? Restoring it!

The second most important thing you can do with your IT systems is backing them up. It’s often the only get out of jail card if you’ve been hit by ransomware. But the most important thing is making sure you can restore them.
Online or Cloud based backups take the stress and effort away from backing up data and now you can even prioritise restoring the really important files first instead of the 90% of data you only keep because you have to.

Your Office Anywhere & Redstor


We have partnered with data management specialist Redstor to offer our customers unrivalled data protection for both on-premise PCs and Servers (Virtual or Physical) as well as Cloud based services such as Office 365, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and as a secondary backup for our own remote desktop services*

Stream your data on demand with InstantData

Did you know that over a 50Mbps internet connection restoring 1.5TB of data would take about 3 days?

That’s a long time to be without your critical data. But how much of that 1.5TB do you need straight away?

Probably not that much. With InstantData you can give your users the ability to connect to their backed up data and stream the important files instantly.

Take a look at this video from Redstor

Simple Pricing

With some cloud backup solutions it’s almost impossible to know how much space the backup is going to take and so how much it’s going to cost.

Files get compressed to save space, but they’re retained for so long, and then some files change so you have multiple versions, it’s a headache trying to calculate what you actually need.

Not so with our pricing model, you simply pay for the amount you want to protect. If you have 100GB of files on your server that you want to protect, you simply pay for 100GB, that’s it.

Prices start from as little as £0.25 per GB per month**


Why Your Office Anywhere & Redstor?

• Transparent, predictable per GB/TB pricing as a single line item
• No hardware or licensing dependencies
• 15-minute set-up
• UK data centres and support, guaranteeing data sovereignty

This isn’t just a backup solution, it is so much more and can be used for:

• Data backup and restore
• Archiving
• Disaster recovery
• Full System Recovery – VMware or Hyper-V
• Data migration
• Server migration – Physical to Virtual (P to V), Virtual to Virtual, Virtual to Physical
• Bare Metal Recovery
• Protect Office 365 Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive
• Backup to the cloud, Backup to on-premise storage or a hybrid
• Centralised Control
• Totally secure, data


* Our remote desktop servers and other hosted solutions are backed up to a 2nd site as part of our services using a different product. Implementing Redstor as a second backup solution gives companies control over these additional backups and the reassurance that they can restore their data back to local systems without requiring our support.
** £0.25 per GB based on volumes of 20TB 


Fruther Information

Please take a look at this online brochure from Redstor which contains a number of articles and videos explaining all about the product and how to use it




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