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Virtual Cabinet Hosting

Virtual Cabinet Hosting

How you can run Virtual Cabinet on a virtual desktop or a hosted remote desktop service so you can work anywhere, save money, and meet security compliance obligations.

Virtual Cabinet is a popular, affordable and easy to use Document Management System, used by thousands of companies to control their documents, share information, and securely archive.

Virtual Cabinet is a desktop application running in Windows, and requires a Windows file server to share the documents and database with other users. However, it is now possible to run Virtual Cabinet in the cloud. A cloud version of Virtual Cabinet gives you the benefits of working on your documents from anywhere there is an internet connection, and using any device.


How is this achieved?


You may have heard of cloud based technologies such as Virtual Desktops or Hosted Desktops, sometimes known as VDI or Hosted Remote Desktops.

A hosted remote desktop gives your business a combination of a standard Windows desktop and a file/database server all running in the cloud and which can be shared and scaled for any number of users, so they can genuinely run Virtual Cabinet from home, office, hotel, customer’s site, café, basically anywhere there is an internet connection.

By running Virtual Cabinet in the cloud on a hosted desktop you can also integrate it with other business applications including Microsoft Office and your business email, all of which can be installed on the hosted desktop. As Virtual Cabinet runs in the cloud it doesn’t need to run on a PC. The only software required is a simple remote desktop client which is available free for most devices including Mac, PC, iPad and Android tablets, phones and iPhones.

Benefits of running Virtual Cabinet on a Hosted Desktop

  • You can share Virtual Cabinet with as many users as you need without investing in (and supporting) local IT infrastructure. A hosted remote desktop is maintained and supported by the provider which will include all backups, Windows updates and anti-virus. As well as fixing things if they ever go wrong.
  • Your team of users can work from anywhere. Imagine being able to sit with a client in their premises and send them contract documents to securely sign via the Virtual Cabinet Portal while you are there, just using a laptop or tablet. It’s well known that customers are more inclined to sign when a representative is with them.
  • You can integrate Virtual Cabinet with Microsoft Office including Outlook email all on the hosted desktop, along with any other business applications. This give your remote workers and your office based workers exactly the same tools and working environment. If you use Office 365 please read this article
  • Virtual Cabinet only runs on Windows, but by using a hosted desktop you can now run it on any device. So yes, you can run Virtual Cabinet on a Mac and you can run Virtual Cabinet on an iPad.
  • Using an ISO 27001 certified provider ensure you can meet your (or your customers) data security/privacy compliance obligations, including GDPR, as ISO 27001 requires companies to comply with any new data protection legislation.

How does running Virtual Cabinet in the cloud save me money?


For smaller scale set ups, say 1 – 50 users, using a hosted virtual desktop means there is no need to invest in a local Windows server to share the documents and database. No need to purchase Windows or Office licences, these can be rented giving you flexibility to increase or decrease user numbers. No need to pay someone to set up your infrastructure. No need to pay for support and maintenance. No need to pay for a backup system.

For a growing business investing in IT server hardware can be a gamble, do you start small but have to replace it when your business expands, or do you buy the biggest available but have a white elephant if growth isn’t as expected? A hosted desktop environment can scale with your business; you just pay as you go.

For larger businesses, over 50 users, Virtual Cabinet requires SQL Server Standard. This would typically require its own server and licences for SQL server will be in the several thousand. When running Virtual Cabinet with SQL server on a hosted desktop platform you can rent SQL licences on a per user basis so there is no big upfront capital investment. Again by renting the SQL Server and licences there is no wasted money if you need to downsize.

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