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Terminal Server Hosting

Run any business applications in the Cloud

Terminal Server Hosting – Run any business applications in the Cloud

Terminal Servers (also known as Remote Desktop Servers) have been used for many years by corporate IT departments to stream applications to users; particularly in organisations with multiple sites connected over a Wide Area Network that need to share the same databases or documents while maintaining performance for remote sites.

Your Office Anywhere’s Terminal Server Hosting service takes this to the next level by including all the surrounding systems and infrastructure to enable small and medium businesses to connect to their own dedicated hosted terminal server and run all their business applications simply and cheaply.


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Key features of Terminal Server Hosting

Key Benefits

  • Host any Windows application in the cloud
  • Prices from as little as £29.50 per user per month
  • Price includes all Microsoft licences, including Remote Desktop CALs and Windows CALs
  • Remote Desktop Client software available for any operating system
  • No VPNs or complicated network requirements, just access to Internet
  • Test servers available to try out your application


No IT skills required for your application hosting

Reliable Terminal Server Hosting

Unlike most other server hosting services the Hosted Terminal Server service from Your Office Anywhere has everything you need to host an application or a Hosted Remote Desktop including: Active Directory domain for secure logon, multiple domain controllers, multiple Remote Desktop Gateways, dedicated Terminal Server/Remote Desktop Server and EMC SAN for super-fast access to data. This is all housed in Tier 3 data centres with all the expected UPS, Diesel generators, fire suppressant systems and 24 hours manned security that you would expect from a state of the art facility.

Backed Up & Recoverable

On top of the infrastructure our Terminal Server Hosting service includes, off-site backups of the server and data to our second data centre, Anti-Virus, Windows updates and 24/7 support for critical issues, all underpinned by our 99.5% uptime SLA.

From £29.50 per month(Excl. Office Licence) 

No minimum number of users

No contract


Terminal Server Hosting FAQs

What is Terminal Server Hosting?

Terminal Servers or now known as Remote Desktop Servers are Windows server computers that allow multiple users to connect to them over a network to run the same applications.  They were originally designed for organisations with multiple sites running client server applications where connecting desktop software to a back-end server over a Wide Area Network would be too slow.  On a Terminal Server everything runs on the server.

A Hosted Terminal Server makes use of faster internet speeds to host the server in a commercial data centre and users can connect over the internet.  The hosted Terminal Server is maintained and supported by the provider.


What does a Terminal Server do?

A Terminal Server runs desktop applications in the same way that a Windows PC does.  The only difference is that multiple people can connect to the Terminal Server over a network (or the Internet) to run these applications at the same time.   This enables the users to be located anywhere but the software and the data, documents or databases it uses are close together on the same site/network, meaning optimal performance and stability.


What is the difference between a server and a Terminal Server?

Servers have many different roles.  A standard File Server which is the staple of many small businesses just keeps shared data e.g. Office documents, and users can connect to the shared data, drag a copy of the document to their PC and edit it using applications on their PC.   On a Terminal Server the Office application e.g. Microsoft Word is running on the Terminal Server, so the document does not need to travel across the network.  Ideal if the users is on another site.


What do I need to set up Terminal Server Hosting?

With Your Office Anywhere we set up everything on the Terminal Server for you.  All you need to do is provide us with the software you want to run, who needs to run it, and any existing data you want to move (migrate) to the server.


What are the benefits of Terminal Server Hosting?

There are many benefits to Terminal Server Hosting including:

  • The ability to run your shared Windows desktop applications from anywhere in the world
  • The ability to run these application when using non-Windows devices
  • Removing the need for local IT support
  • Reducing IT Cap-Ex costs instead paying monthly subscription
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease user numbers as needed.


Is a Hosted Terminal Server secure?

Both Your Office Anywhere and the commercial data centre where we keep our servers are ISO 27001 certified for our Information Security Management system.   This means we have documented processes and procedures to keep data secure and are audited annually to ensure we are following them.


Can I run any application on a Hosted Terminal Server?

You can run any Windows application.  Even though we only run supported operating systems on our Terminal Servers it is often possible to run programs written for older operating systems.  Ask to try a test server if you have an old or bespoke application.


Can I connect to a Hosted Terminal Server from abroad?

Yes, you can connect from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection.  You can even connect over 4G or 5G.


Do I need a fast broadband connection to use a Hosted Terminal Server?

Not especially, Hosted Terminal servers are designed to work on slow connections but if you are concerned about your connection speed please ask to try a demo account.


What type of Computer or device do I need to connect to a Hosted Terminal Server?

You can connect to a Hosted Server from most devices including:

  • Windows PC or Laptop
  • Apple Mac or Macbook
  • iPad and iPhones
  • Android tablets, Android phones
  • Google Chromebooks

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