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An “Evolutionary” journey to hosted remote desktops for Access developers Dunia Moja Network

The recent move to a Your Office Anywhere’s hosted remote desktop platform is the latest transformation for the “Cargo” application developed by Kenyan developer Twahir Hussein Kassim and his company Dunia Moja network.

Cargo, which is built on the Microsoft Access platform, was first developed in 2000 for Twahir’s Saudi based customer.   In those days the internet was not what it is today so when Cargo’s users wanted to share the database with colleagues as widespread as Riyadh, Nairobi, Mombasa as well as Jeddah; it was a case of burning data onto a CD and sending them to anyone travelling to Kenya or back to Saudi.

As technology improved and the application was enhanced, a process of sending data using MSN Messenger proved a quicker solution although it still required some user intervention and carried a risk of errors.

Next Steps

The next step involved Dunia Moja setting up a number of virtual machines in the customer’s head office in Jeddah and users would use Team Viewer to connect to those machines remotely to share the application and its database.  While this was a much more reliable solution it fell upon Twahir and his team at Dunia Moja to support the platform, and as their customer prospered it was felt that the solution was not easily or cheaply scalable for the increased number of users.

In early 2019 Twahir made enquiries with UK based hosted remote desktop provider Your Office Anywhere.   With experience of working with terminal services stretching back 20 years, and a specific expertise in hosting Access database applications, Your Office Anywhere set about working closely with Twahir to “prove” the remote desktop solution for his customer.

The first step was a simple demo account so that Twahir could see the whole concept of the solution and to check performance from Mombasa.   This then progressed to a full blown test server where Twahir installed the Cargo application and Your Office Anywhere published it as a RemoteApp so that his customer could connect from a web based portal and run the remote application.

The customer was so impressed with the solution that they asked if they could carry on using the test server as a live replacement for their existing solution while their new production remote desktop server was built by Your Office Anywhere.

Now Dunia Moja’s customer can run their Access application from Jeddah, Mombasa, Nairobi, Riyadh or anywhere else in the world they need to, and Your Office Anywhere look after supporting the server and backing up the data.

Twahir is hoping to bring more customers on to the platform he said: “Thanks to all at Your office Anywhere! Had it not been for the great support and patience you have had with me we wouldn’t have reached this stage.”

We at Your office Anywhere look forward to many years of working with Twahir and his colleagues at Dunia Moja Network and hosting more Access databases in Kenya and Saudi Arabia.

Need Help With A Desktop Based Application?

If you have a desktop based application – such as MS Access – that you need to share with colleagues in different locations please speak to one of our technical sales consultants who will work with you to architect the right solution for your business.  If you are an Access developer and want to resell our remote desktop platform as a way of cloud-enabling your application without any re-coding ask about our reseller package.