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The cost to purchase/upgrade outright SQL Server is expensive for a lot of SME businesses. Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most commonly used database management systems and it supports hundreds of thousands of applications worldwide.

But, like several other high end database servers, it doesn’t come cheap.  The upfront licence cost even for a small installation will be several thousands.   If architecturally the SQL Server needs its own server hardware then you can probably double that cost again.

The other problem with this model is that it doesn’t allow for flexibility, once those licences are bought there’s no giving them back, so businesses that need a flexible workforce could be paying for licences or hardware costs they may not need in the future.

If you develop software designed to run on a desktop with SQL Server back end then your potential customers may be comparing your software with the cloud based alternative that has a monthly subscription, and may not want to risk the upfront investment required to run yours.

Hosted Desktops remove the need for local infrastructure or perpetual licences.

Hosted Remote Desktops provide an alternative deployment model for your applications.   Instead of installing on local infrastructure the applications run on hosted remote desktop servers (terminal servers), and are run over the Internet, although to the user they look and feel no different than locally installed applications.   Customers just pay on a month by month basis, and this includes the Microsoft licences for Windows, Remote Desktops and of course SQL Server.

No upfront investment cost

A typical application would cost just £28.50 per user per month to host on a remote desktop server.   If SQL Server Standard is required a dedicated SQL instance can be hosted on a production SQL server for just £40 a month and the user CALs are just £7 per user per month.

As a software developer if you resold the hosted desktop platform alongside your application you would also receive a 15% discount allowing you to resell at retail price and enjoy a steady ongoing revenue stream.   This can also be paid as a rebate/commission.


The platform is designed with flexibility in mind as the customer isn’t tied into any contract, they are free to increase or decrease user numbers as dictated by the needs of their business.   They can cancel at any time without penalty.

Being able to offer a hosted remote desktop service alongside your application means you can provide a far superior product overall than your competitors who are just offering web based applications.   The remote desktop server can host other applications alongside yours to provide true integration.

Your Office Anywhere work with dozens of software vendors to provide a bespoke service to host their applications on individual dedicated servers for hundreds of customers.   Speak to a technical sales consultant who can answer any questions you have about the platform.  They can also set you up with a demo account or a test server to try your application for real.

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