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Hosted Desktop for Charities & Not for Profits

We were first introduced to the charity sector through our work with Age UK Essex who had an innovative approach to reducing their IT costs by using Chrome Books to run as “Thin Clients” and all their applications running in the cloud.

Charities are no different than other businesses in their requirements for IT but they quite rightly want to dedicate as much of their budget to good causes rather than spending it on IT.

Take a look below at some of the reasons other charities who host with us use hosted desktops to run their IT.


  • Licence savings

At Your Office Anywhere we are authorised by Microsoft to host Office 365 Nonprofit E3 licences on our hosted desktops at a price considerably less than corporate licences.


  • Sweat the assets

The system requirements for Hosted desktops are minimal which means that you don’t need new, fast or expensive high spec PCs.  All the work is done on the remote server.  You can also save money by locking down PCs so that nothing can be installed on them by the user, ensuring they do everything in the hosted desktop environment.  This reduces the risk of malware being installed on a PC and significantly cuts down on support calls to IT.


  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

If you rely on volunteers to work for you then you can encourage them to use their own PCs, Laptops or tablets to save even more money.  As nothing is installed on the device there is no security risk, and if a volunteer leaves you just disable their account.


  • Flexible working

Employees and volunteers working for the charity can work from anywhere there is an Internet connection, so they can work from home just as easily as they can from the office. Overseas workers have exactly the same access to applications and data as those at the charities head office


  • Save on software costs by using Microsoft Access

Many charities need to manage their lists of supporters and patrons. Building up lists in Microsoft Access can be done very easily and with little training needed.This can save a lot of money compared with buying specialist software. Hosting Access on a hosted desktop is a really simple and cheap way of enabling lots of users to update the database at once.


  • Compliance

Many charities provide services on behalf of the government, NHS or local authorities.  As part of bidding for that work charities are usually asked to comply with data protection and information security procedures.  By using hosted desktops charities can be confident that they are meeting these regulations by choosing a provider like Your Office Anywhere who is certified for ISO 27001 Information Security Management System.


Moving to our service is easy and from only £23.55 per Month

For charities moving to hosted desktops is easy, all the setup, installation is done for you and we’ll help you with data migration.   No IT skills are needed on the part of the customer.   It’s also risk free, you can test your applications with copies of your data to make sure everything works as expected and then cut-over with a final data copy when you and your business users are happy.

Hosted desktops for charities cost from as little as £23.55 per user per month, that’s far less than your average mobile phone contract.







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