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Hosted Desktop For Leisure, Travel and Tourism

The three things that particularly apply to the leisure and Travel industry are:.

  • Seasonal Working
  • Remote working in geographically diverse locations
  • Multiple branches


Hosted Desktops provide a reliable, cost effective and incredibly flexible way for workers in these industries to access the same applications and data from wherever they are working and whatever device they need to use.

If you work in the leisure and travel industry, here are some of the benefits of hosted desktops that others in your field are enjoying.


  • Flexibility

This is best described with an example from one of our customers.A small independent specialist travel company who have developed an Access database to manage all their customers and bookings. They specialise in holidays in the Greek islands and their peak trading period is during the summer.So from April to September their workforce doubles as they have reps working during those months.The flexibility of the monthly rental model operated by Your Office Anywhere means that they only need to pay for services and licences when they need them, and regular but temporary employees can have their accounts temporarily disabled when not required.


  • Remote Working

Using the above example again, although they are a UK based company, during the summer the management can work from Greece rather than the UK so they can be there on the ground to help run the operation. But operate in exactly the same way as they do in the UK


  • Device Agnostic

Remote workers visiting hotels, leisure parks and villas need the flexibility to work on lightweight tablets or notebooks. Hosted desktops can be accessed from devices from iPads and Android tablets to Mac books, Chrome Books and of course Windows laptops and PCs. They can also be easily accessed from any PC in hotels, web cafes etc. just using an Internet browser.


  • Multiple Branches

Many travel agencies that have a high street presence will operate from multiple branches, often with branches in several countries. A hosted desktop solution means that no matter which branch you work at you will enjoy the same experience working on your applications as any other. Databases and files can be easily shared across all the branches and the solution can scale to an almost limitless number of users.




Moving To Our Service Is Easy and From only £29.50 per Month

For those in the leisure, travel and tourism industries moving to hosted desktops is very straightforward, all the setup, installation is done for you and we help with your data migration.It’s also risk free, you can test your applications with backup copies of your data to make sure everything works as expected and then cutover with a final data restore when you and your business users are happy.

Hosted desktops cost from as little as £29.50 per user per month, which is less than your average mobile phone contract.  



From £29.50 per month(Excl. Office Licence) 

No minimum number of users

No contract


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