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Itris offer a number of different platforms that can be hosted either on premise, or in the cloud. Many of their customers have the application deployed via a remote desktop environment such as ours


What are the benefits of running Itris in the cloud with Your Office Anywhere?

There are many benefits from running Itris in the cloud on a hosted desktop service, especially in modern times where businesses need to give their employees the flexibility to work from home.  Here are just some of the benefits of hosting Itris on remote desktops:

  • Work from anywhere over the internet.
    • No complex network required, just simple broadband
    • Doesn’t need super-fast broadband, if you can stream YouTube videos then it’s fast enough.
  • Run on any device, imagine being able to run Itris on a Mac or even running the full desktop version of Itris on an Android tablet or iPad. Running Itris on a hosted desktop means you can access it from PC, Mac, iOS, Android, or Google Chromebooks
  • No IT skills required, the servers and infrastructure are part of a fully managed services where the Backups, Anti-Virus, Windows Updates, and day to day support are all included.
  • No Contractual tie ins, just rolling month by month contracts.
  • Better value and lower TCO than alternative hosted desktop solutions
  • Increased cost effectiveness if you need full SQL Server Standard for Itris, see details later in this article.
  • ISO 27001 certified for Information Security Management in UK data centre.
  • 5% uptime guarantee and 24/7 support for critical issues.

Integrating Itris with Microsoft Office

The great thing about hosting Itris on a remote desktop is that you can integrate it with other business software such as Microsoft Office, including enterprise plans of Microsoft 365. If you integrate with any other 3rd party application this can also be installed on the remote desktop server to fully move your business IT to the cloud.

I’m using SQL Server Standard not Express can I use SQL Server on a remote desktop?

Itris uses Microsoft’s SQL server for its database engine. SQL Server comes in two main flavour, SQL Server Express and SQL Server Standard. Express is a free licence from Microsoft but will need a small amount of extra memory (RAM) on the hosted desktop. SQL Standard requires a paid for licence but due to the innovative way we host and licence the database this will be a lot cheaper than paying for a SQL Standard licence.


How to implement Itris on a hosted remote desktop?

The technical team at Your Office Anywhere, would typically work alongside Itris to ensure a smooth transition from your current server to our platform, so no technical skills are required by the end customer.


How do I find out about moving Itris to a hosted remote desktops?

Speak with one of the technical sales consultants at Your Office Anywhere to find out all about hosting Itris on a remote desktop service. Just email sales@yourofficeanywhere.co.uk, or phone 01282 500318, or complete the form below.