Host Access Database Online for Charities

Hosting an Access database online for charities

Microsoft Access is an ideal product for charities to build cost effective line of business applications.  Whether it’s keeping track of supporters, or managing operational data for the charity, Access is the perfect solution.

Why is Access so good for charities?

It’s very easy for a beginner to build up a great Access database without any development skills.  Add an experienced developer and a very sophisticated application can be built at relatively low cost.   Often an Access database will be built by a skilled volunteer as a way of donating their time to the charity.

Cost Savings

Access can also be a very cost effective solution for charities, database applications can be deployed under the free Access Runtime licence.

What about the cost of infrastructure to share Access with colleagues?

If a charity is just based in one office and already has some IT infrastructure on site then Access can be easily shared using a file server or Network Attached Storage (NAS), with the back-end database sat on the file server and the front-end installed on individual PCs.

If the people who work for the charity are more remote, travel around a lot, or maybe there isn’t the desire to have on premise IT equipment then another good solution is to use a hosted remote desktop service.   Remote desktops enable lots of users to work on the Access database at the same time over the internet.   Access is actually only installed on the remote desktop not on individuals PCs, this ensures good performance as well as reliability as there is less chance of database corruption.

What are the other benefits of running Access on a hosted desktop for charities?

Using a “Remote Desktop Client the Access application can be run on any device, including Mac, iPad, Android, as well as Windows PCs.

Charities can benefit from a Bring Your Own Device policy as the security risks are much lower using remote desktops.   There is no data resident on the device, and user access can be removed instantly.

Most hosted desktop providers will include other services such as anti-virus and patch management for the remote desktop servers as well as backing up the data.

Will running Access on a hosted desktop for charities be expensive?

A significant portion of the cost of hosted desktops is Microsoft licences, as the price of these is are greatly reduced for charities the overall cost usually works out much cheaper than running Access on local IT hardware.  Plus all the support and maintenance is done by the hosted desktop provider so there is a reduced requirement for local IT support.

What about security, data privacy and GDPR?

Many charities work for the public sector on government contracts, and even if they don’t many deal with personal data.   Look for a hosted desktop provider who is certified for ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (which incidentally also requires that they comply with GDPR).  It’s likely that using a remote desktop provider for your charity’s Access database will help you achieve compliance obligations.

How do I get started?

To find out more about hosting an Microsoft Access database online for your charity get in touch with one of the technical sales consultants at Your Office Anywhere.  They can discuss your requirements and if needed put your database on a test server so you can try it out for real before making any commitment.

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