Why Hosted Desktops Save You Money

If you’re in business think about how much you’ve spent on IT over the last few years.   How much of that was expected and how much was “fire fighting”.

Traditional – on premise – IT is generally expensive and inflexible.   It requires specialist skills to implement and support and, unless you are very lucky, has the capacity to go wrong at the worst possible times.

These are some of the costs associated with on site IT.  Typically hardware is replaced every 5 years.

  • Server Hardware
  • Windows Server licences
  • Windows Client Access Licences
  • Backup Devices and Tapes
  • UPS
  • Anti-Virus
  • Setup Costs
  • IT Support
  • Hardware Support

And here are some of the things that are less obvious but still impact your business

  • Cost of downtime – what does your business lose financially if you cannot get on the system for a day?  How does it impact your reputation?
  • Power, Cooling
  • Repairs
  • Wasted licences if your user numbers decrease
  • Replacing low spec hardware if your users numbers increase

Consolidate your IT expenses.   Hosted desktop pricing starts from just £25.50 per month

With a Hosted Desktop you can consolidate your IT expenditure and save money.   All the support, maintenance, power, anti-virus, patch management and licences are included in the price.   You know exactly how much you are going to pay each month making it easy to budget for day to day running costs as well as budgeting for expansion.   As there are no fixed contracts, reducing or increasing numbers is easy.   If something goes wrong then that is usually our problem to sort out.

Hosted desktop pricing starts from just £25.50 per user per month, probably less then you would pay for a mobile phone contract. Plus a one-off set-up fee of £125.   This gives you a dedicated Windows Server plus all the surrounding infrastructure required to access your desktop or applications securely over the internet.  We will build your server, install your application, migrate your data and set up all your users.   We will make the whole transition to cloud computing as seamless and pain free as possible.

To get an idea of likely costs for your business go to our hosted desktop pricing calculator.

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