What’s new in Microsoft Access 2019

As a leading provider of Access database hosting in the UK, we are keeping a close eye on the likely changes that will be introduced in Access 2019.

Touted for release in the second half of 2018 – Current guesses are September – October – Access 2019 will be included in the latest Office suite which will be available either as a perpetual licence, as part of Office 365 or can be rented as part of a hosted Access solution under Service Provider Licence Agreement (SPLA).

Microsoft have been typically tight lipped about the new features in Access 2019 but the general view is that there will not be many significant changes.

One change we are aware of is the introduction of a new charting control called “Modern Charts”.   Anyone who has generated charts in Access 2016 and wondered why they still look like something from Access 2007 will be pleased by this introduction.

There are new and improved column, bar, line, pie and combo charts which can be easily incorporated into forms or reports.

To help customise the chart there will be a new “and intuitive” Chart Settings pane as well as the familiar Property Sheet.  You will be able to use these features to add legends and data labels as well as changing the style and layout and being creative with the fonts and colours.

If you’re upgrading from an older database version don’t worry, all the old charting features will remain so you can use the new charts alongside the “classic” charts enabling you to move to the new charts as and when you want to.

Connectors to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics

We believe that there will also be a new data connector to Salesforce and also Microsoft Dynamics.  Both of these connectors will enable you to link to tables in the source system as well as importing data.   These features have previously been released to the Office 365 version of Access 2016 but will now be available to the perpetual licence version as well.

We will keep you updated as we hear more news about new features.

What is Access database hosting?

Access is the only Office 365 product that isn’t available as an online web based product.  While Microsoft have tried and abandoned attempts to share Access databases in SharePoint online the only real way to share Access is with an on-premises server or a hosted remote desktop service.  Find out more about Access database hosting here, or contact us.

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