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Resell Virtual Desktops – “A nice little earner”

For independent IT companies the advent of cloud computing has been a blessing and a curse.  Supporting on site infrastructure and platforms such as Small Business Server has traditionally been a key revenue stream for IT companies but with more and more businesses moving to cloud based services that revenue stream is under threat.

However, there is significant opportunity to increase revenue through cloud services by reselling the Hosted Desktop/Virtual Desktop platform from Your Office Anywhere.

We reward our resellers with a 15% rebate for the monthly income from customers they introduce to us.   Now 15% Hosted Desktop vs Hosted Server YOAmay not sound a lot, but having just processed the commission for our resellers for the last 2 months, the average commission was almost £420 (£210 per month).   That’s over £2,500 a year extra income.   In most cases we will provide all the support, invoice the customers and take the financial risk, all the reseller needs to do is make the introduction.   The commission payments for the last 2 months ranged from £24.35 up to £1,932.35.  So one reseller is making over £11,500 a year just for making that original introduction and will continue to do so for as long as the customer remains on the platform.  Now that is a nice little earner.

Some reseller prefer to maintain a closer relationship with their customer, acting as first line support while they continue to maintain the remaining onsite infrastructure such as PCs, Printers and Networks.   In these case we invoice the reseller and include a 15% discount.   The resellers can wrap up our hosting fees along with other services they provides to the customer.   This approach is also popular with Independent Software Developers who host their application on our Hosted Desktops, giving their customers the full feature rich experience of a desktop application with the work anywhere, on anything flexibility of cloud computing.

If you are an IT support provider or a software developer and want to know more about hosted desktops and hosted applications please call 01282 500318 or go to the contact page on our website.