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You may have heard on the news that software form Sage has been hit by a data breach affecting almost 300 businesses.  While only limited information has been released by Sage we are making the assumption that this is data held in their cloud services for Sage Drive.

This news will likely cause concern for businesses who are using Sage’s cloud services or who are considering it, so we wanted to advise people that there are alternatives to Sage Drive that provide  equal, if not better “cloud” functionality as well as providing some reassurances of the safety and security that cloud computing can provide if managed properly.

How does Sage Drive work?

Sage Drive uses “the Cloud” to copy your accounting and payroll data to cloud based servers and then synchronise it to other PCs on your network.   We have heard mixed reports on the stability of this process and the issues with Sage Drive that have affected some companies.

Alternatives to Sage Drive

Sage Drive has only been around for a couple of years, if that.  At Your Office Anywhere we have been hosting Sage in the Cloud since 2007 using tried and tested technology.  Hosted Sage uses Windows Terminal Services (aka Remote Desktop Services) which means our customers each have their own dedicated Windows Server with Sage installed and they connect to it securely over the Internet via a Remote Desktop, or Remote App.  Everything runs on the remote server so users can connect and run Sage from anywhere in the world and on any device.  See this video of Sage running on an iPad (you can’t do that with Sage Drive).

So how secure is this?

For obvious reasons we’re not party to the security measures Sage have in place, so let me explain the security measures that we have and you can judge for yourself whether this is better than what you would have with your own on-premise solution and whether it is a good alternative to Sage Drive.

First of all we own and manage all our own infrastructure (we understand Sage Drive is hosted by Amazon Web Services).  We don’t use anybody else’s cloud services to host customer’s applications or data.   No third parties have any access to customer’s data.

All our data is kept in Tier 3 UK data centres that are certified to ISO 27001 Information Security Management System.  If you were considering hosting with us we would be happy to take you to the data centre where you could actually see the servers and storage where your data is held, and the security measures that are in place.

Speaking of ISO 27001, this is the standard for Information Security Management System, and we at Your Office Anywhere are proud to be certified for this for several years.  However, this isn’t a one off thing, we are audited annually to make sure we continue to follow our policies and procedures and identify best practice as different threats emerge.

Need an Alternative?

If you are interested in an alternative way of running Sage without resorting back to an on-premise server, which is possibly the least secure option, you can check out our sage cloud service. You can also get in touch now via our contact page or just call us on 01282 500318.