Hosted Desktops make for happy users

Want an easy life?   Make sure your colleagues have access to reliable, responsive IT systems wherever they need them.

When users are happy with their IT systems they generally don’t tell you, they happily get on with work.  However, if Responsive IT Will Keep Your Users Happythings aren’t working right and your colleagues can’t access their systems, or they’re unstable, unreliable or too slow, you will soon get to hear about it.

Apart from being consistently reliable a Hosted Desktop gives users a familiar environment no matter where they are.

Your company’s server is virtualised meaning responsive IT infrastructure is the norm. We can easily increase memory or CPU on the server.   We can also move it from one physical host server to improve performance if the host is overloaded.  This is instant and invisible to the users.   We would automatically do the same in the event of hardware failures so removing some of the biggest reasons for user frustration

“Responsive IT is all very well, but what if the Internet goes down?”

That’s a fair question.   Large scale outages are thankfully very rare.   Local outages, e.g. your business router is faulty, can and do happen.  The key thing to remember with Hosted Desktops is that if your internet goes down your apps are still running in the background so you can reconnect where you left off as soon as you are back online, with no corruption of data.   Your mobile workers out in the field probably won’t even know anything has happened.

If you do have a local problem, power cut, fire, flood etc. with a Hosted Desktop you can easily work from home or rent an emergency office.   Connect using your laptop and mobile phone.  All your applications and data will be safe and sound waiting for you as soon as you can get back online.   Hosted Desktops are an in built disaster recovery solution.

Read this article about how we provide a platform for SolutionJ’s Tradabase system.  The combination creates an all round responsive IT solution for SolutionJ’s customers.

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