Microsoft Visio Online from just £22.99 per month and only 1 month commitment.

Why pay upwards of £500 for a Visio Professional licence when you can rent from £29.99 a month, or just £22.99 for Visio Standard.   Visio Hosting from Your Office Anywhere gives you access to the full version of Visio running on a Hosted Desktop in our secure UK Data centre, this means you can run it anywhere in the world over the Internet, and what’s more, on any device.

You can rent the hosted desktop complete with Visio on a month by month basis, with no commitments giving you the flexibility to just rent it when you need to use it, and stop when you don’t.  You can download your Visio files locally to your PC and upload them again ready for your next project.

What are the main benefits of Visio Hosting

    • Rent on a month by month basis
    • One month free if you do want to commit for 12 months and pay upfront
    • Run Visio on any device including Windows, Mac, iPad and Android tablets
    • Access it anywhere in the world over the Internet
    • No capital expenditure
    • 1GB storage per user, backed up to our second data centre

    • Copy files locally to your PC.
    • Upgrade to latest versions of Visio soon after release.

Get a Free 2 day trial with no commitment.  Just get in touch using the details below and we’ll send you a logon account to try it out for yourself for a couple of days.

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